My love for drawing and arquitecture goes back to my childhood, when I could spend hours sketching and decorating imaginary rooms. I became interested in working with motion pictures as a teenage boy during the shoot of a short film with friends. Ever since I’ve known that I wanted to dedicate my working hours to production design.

From 2000 onwards, I worked as a Set Decorator and as an Art Director in films by Juan José Campanella, Fernando Meirelles, Lucía Puenzo, Pablo Trapero, Luis Ortega, Daniele Luchetti , and several others.

As a Production Designer, I’ve collaborated with directors such as Lucía Puenzo, German Kral, Pablo Solarz, Fernando Salem, Pablo Trapero, Nicolás Puenzo, Sergio Bizzio, Pablo Fendrick and Ricardo Diaz Iacoponi.

My work outside film sets includes the Art Direction of Argentina´s Bicentennial Parade, a show with to million people in attendance.

The possibility to create visual landscapes for each proyect and worlds for every character is what drives me professionally.

Diving into new and uncharted universes to materialize a unique vision is the dream that keeps me going since I was a young boy.

Matias Martinez